Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Friend

See the vision in a dream;
remember how I tried to scream.
The fear inside kept me in shock,
unbelieving of my luck.
Sorry for the days I'd missed;
frightened for when death I kissed.
Nothing left for me to say
while yearning for another day.
Why control me? Let me be.
Set me free that you may see
I lied and led myself along.
Please forgive me- I was wrong.
But time had come to pay my debt;
I'd hoped to die with no regret.
When suddenly, I missed the end.
Awakened, I forgot the friend.

Friday, December 9, 2016

In the Woods

For the master of the trees
independence came with ease.
On the trails of his abode,
up and down the hills he rode.
Take a leaf and break a limb,
make them show respect to him.
When the summer went to hide,
no more shade did they provide.
No more leaves to take for fun;
limbs were breaking on their own.
Now what's this? the master said
when the winter came to call.
Freezing rain and chapping wind
doth surround me one and all.
Must the flowers be reminded
to withdraw to winter sleep?
Must I tell the forest creatures
where to go for winter's keep?
While the season chills the charges
I'll protect them, this I swear,
'til the gentle winds of springtime
come again to warm the air.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

a fricative snore

Soon winter brings a fricative snore
to chill the air just as before
A timely desertion by the heat
reluctance in its warm retreat
the trees and plants will wither and dry
discard their leaves, appear to die
embracing the bite of icy wind
while waiting for the freeze to end
the cold is not so frightful to feel
to feel at all is quite a deal
if not for continuance of the sun
the life on hold would not return